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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Doesn't it make you feel good knowing that your Gov'ment is taking such good care of you?
Gasoline prices are over $2.25 again. Thank you Mr. President.
Sales Tax going up, Car licence plate fee have almost doubled. Yahoo...way to go Obama!
Income tax going back up...Tim Baby, you are doing good.

Mt. President...You published all of our secrets, closed a detention center and are now going after the previous administration. Just like Castro did...Bravo!
Speaking of Castro...opening up with a Communist country...Brilliant!!

I know I am sleeping better knowing that my country, my freedom, my constitution is being watched over by Obama, Pelosi, Reid,

I just keep one eye open and on my wallet.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Over Diagnosed

There are people out there who say that a sure sign of creeping old age is the fact that you can remember clearly what happened 30 years ago but you can't remember what you had for breakfast this morning.
Now that works for me. Who in the hell cares what I had for breakfast anyway.

I do remember some of my grade school days. I wonder what it would have been like if back then we had all these mood altering drugs, pseudo syndromes and named disorders.
I think I would have at least qualified for some behavior modification. Maybe they would have given me a set of initials like ADD or ADHD. Nope...instead I got a rap on the back of the head with a ruler. You see, I would sometimes stare out the windows and stop paying attention to the teacher as she droned on and on about something. She would tell my parents at every conference that I was a "daydreamer"
Actually I was totally bored out of my head. But no special programs. No initials.
No fancy drugs. Just "whack".

Or how about this. I was always bullied in school. All the bigger kids took great delight in making my life miserable. I think it was my ears. Back then I had full grown adult ears that stuck out like to open barn doors. Some of my school pictures I looked like a 1949 Buick with its doors wide open.
Ron Allen took special delight in sitting on my back and flicking my ears. Left, right, flick, flick.
If that happened today Ron would have been yanked out of school, given some form of anger management class, probation and some designer drug to help control his need to pick on some one smaller that him. I would have been taken to a counselor and made to believe that I had some form of PTSD. Maybe some cool drug to calm my nerves and to help me sleep. Maybe even sent to a special class with special teachers with all the other special kids.
No. What really happened was the PE teacher got tired of watching this poor pathetic little kid get his ears flicked every day so he took him aside and taught him how to box.
The first time I bloodied Ron Allen's nose was the last day my ears were flicked. Ron turned out to be a pretty nice guy, opened a car dealership and was a pretty successful businessman. Neither one of us became mass murderers or any other menace to society.

So what's my point? My point is I think that society now days is way too quick to slap a catchy name to child behavior. Too quick to drug them into acceptable behavior. Too lazy to take the time to just accept the fact that this kid may be different or he may be marching to the beat of a different drummer. Too consumed by our own life to stop and watch as these students grow and learn at their own pace and style. It is really something to watch. A youngster learning something new. You would be amazed.

I wonder what life today would be like if the drugs and programs of today were available say a 100 years ago. What if Albert Einstein was drugged. What if Beethoven was told to stop daydreaming. Maybe the world would be different if Eisenhower and Patton were counseled about aggression and slammed into a special program for anger management.

But thats just me.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Have you ever landed an airplane? Have you ever watched the big ones land. They rarely touch both wheels down at the same time. Everybody knows that to make a smooth landing you need to kiss the throttles a tad to smooth out the landing. Captain "Sully" made a perfect landing. Perfectly level. perfectly smooth. He did it in a very large aircraft loaded with 150 real people with absolutely zero power. 150 people walked away, or in this case swam away, unharmed. That is the kind of man you call hero. That is the man you put on the cover of Time magazine.

Who does Time like to have on their covers. Dictators from South America, Despots from the middle east and a Flim Flam man by the name of Barrack Husein Obama.

Barrack, No lobbyists in my cabinet, Obama. Has 6 so far and his cabinet isn't full yet. Gotcha

"I will sign no bill with pork barrel spending during my administration". The stimulus package he will sign today is all pork. 787 Billion dollars of pure bacon, ham hocks and sows ears. GOTCHA!

Here is some that I have found, just for your reading pleasure.

$8 Billion for a train to go from Las Vegas to DISNEYLAND!
$100,000 for doorbells in Laurel Mississippi. (I have flown in and out of Laurel Mississippi a couple of could put a new doorbell on every structure in Laurel for $50 bucks.) Oh will create 2 jobs. GOTCHA!
And one of my all time favorites...$886,000 for a FRISBEE GOLF COURSE in Austin Texas. GOTCHA!


This is insane! 1,100 pages of pork. Not a single lawmaker has even read it but it is going to be signed in Denver today by the Flim Flam Man. (he hasn't read it either)


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Still in Training

I was in Wal-Mart the other day and while I was waiting for the wife to finish her shopping I stepped into the local McDonald's. In there I was attracted to a table with 4 older gentlemen. They were sipping coffee and discussing the state of the world. Or traffic conditions around Grand Junction. Or who had the latest surgery and for what. As I listened it began to dawn on me that I had a long way to go before I was a real, card carrying curmudgeon. I am an amateur. A rookie. These guys were pros. In the time it took them to finish their coffee they had summed up the traffic woes, offered their own fixes to the medicare system and declared Obama as a pretty good kid without a clue.
There was some dissension. One of them thought another was on the wrong meds and it got pretty loud when they were talking about "Bill's" problem with going to the bathroom. This was right after Bill got up to go to the bathroom.
I also learned that they really don't give a damn about these bailouts and stimulus packages. They said they won't live long enough to pay it back anyway. As long as they still got their social security "the Kid" could do whatever he wanted. But they were sorry to see him get impeached so soon. (I think they had Obama and Blogoyavich confused)
But soon my wife found me and I had to finish my day. But as we were driving home It came to me. I am going to have to wait a long time before I learn the secret Curmudgeon handshake and get my super secret Curmudgeon de-coder ring.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am a Curmudgeon

Lately I have been trying to convince myself that I was not "political". This past year however, has provided me with so much humor and jaw dropping entertainment that I have to admit that I am, in some ways, political. But not totally.
I am totally a curmudgeon. I am required by the laws of curmudgeondom To cast my weary eyes on the happenings around me and to comment. If I fail to do so I will loose my status as a curmudgeon and my place around around the cyber pot bellied stove. So I will continue.

The American people are about to find out what the Indians found out a couple of centuries ago. Politicians speak with forked tongue.
During the campaign Obama spoke quite eloquently about his support for Israel. Now that he is MR. PRESIDENT, he has spoken about opening up the borders so that a free flow of goods (bullets and rockets) could enter Gaza. He stated that the Israeli's should pull back and stop hostilities. Just goes to show you the difference between campaign rhetoric and what they really feel.
This is nothing new. The political hacks have been doing it for years. If you don't believe me, ask any old air traffic controller what he feels about the "great" Ronald Regan.

Ask any Democrat a tough question and they will respond with "this country is facing the greatest financial crisis since the great depression"

Ask Obama what he plans to do with the prisoners at Gitmo..."this country is facing the greatest financial crisis since the great depression"

Ask why he is naming a tax dodger to head the IRS..."this country is facing the greatest financial crisis since the great depression"

You get my point.

The Republicans all stand around smoking their big stogies and mutter to themselves....this country must be facing the greatest financial crisis since the great depression"

Everyone should go to netflix and order "the Candidate" with Robert Redford. A very good political movie. We are witnessing a remake...Staring Barack Husein Obama as the Candidate.
I'm sure he will settle down and start doing some good things. But right now he is as lost as he can be.

And just in case he is a reader...A bit of advise. Watch out for that Pulosi woman and ban "dirty Harry" Reid from ever setting foot in the White House.

Point to Ponder:

Big 3 Auto execs show up asking for money in their personal Jets and Congress goes Ape...
Rich Democrats fly a total of 600 private jets into DC for the anointment er..Inauguration and there is nary a peep. (I'll bet that was some carbon footprint)