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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sometimes the news makes me laugh

Sometimes the news makes me laugh. Sometimes it's a quiet chuckle. Other times it's a rib tickler. I laugh so hard I have tears running down my cheek. Here are two side splitters from my point of view.

The Governor of Illinois was arrested by the FBI. Shocking! Everybody knows Illinois politicians are above reproach. Richard Daly...icon. Richard Daly Jr....Salt of the earth. Jimmie Hoffa...God's gift to labor. Blagojevich...uh..hmm...Flaming idiot. Allegedly somebody told him he was being bugged but he went ahead anyway and tried to sell Obama's vacated Senate seat. Oh, and he tried to extort $500,00 from a children's hospital before he would sign a bill giving the hospital funds for expansion. A CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL! I also understand that a major highway reconstruction project was being sold for campaign funds to be deposited. What's funny is that he really was being bugged and recorded by the Justice Department. The side splitter is that he maintains that he did nothing wrong. Illinois politicians...ya gotta love 'em.

Another chuckle.

It snowed in Beaumont Texas. It snowed in New Orleans. Record low temperatures all throughout the south. Crank up the air conditioner it's GLOBAL WARMING!

Connect the dots

A debate has been raging in Washington about bailing out THE BIG THREE auto makers. Back in the 1970's Chrysler went to capital hill and borrowed 10 billion dollars. Lee Iaccoca promised Congress and the American people that the loan would be paid back. He was a man of his word. the loan was paid back with interest 2 YEARS EARLY!! So there seems to be no reason to question the "bailout". But wait.

In reading financial news, listening and watching money channels on TV it seems there is something there that is not quite jibing. Since the 70's Chrysler has undergone many changes, most noteworthy of which is the fact that they are almost a wholly privately held corporation. I'm not saying they are not in trouble. Instead I am asking why should we bail out a private company. Just wondering.

Ford Motor Company executives have stated that they think that their truck line will carry them and that they really don't need the money, especially if the Feds are going to step in and impost controls on their product. So why is the government pushing so hard to spend my money on the auto industry? Wait a minute! What about GM?

Ahhh...GM. General Motors needs the money. General Motors wants the money. Congress is purple in the face trying to give GM the money.

Part II

All of my readers (both of them) know how nervous I get about ONSTAR. The first article I wrote talked about your GM car sending you emails when it needed service. ONSTAR knows where you are at all times. With the navigation feature in also knows where you are going. Here is the newest wrinkle. At the request of law enforcement a signal can now be sent to your car and your car will stop. It will actually reduce the horse power of your engine until you can make little or no headway so a law enforcement agent can almost walk up you without even breaking a sweat. You can't get away.

9 out of every 10 GM cars are equipped with ONSTAR.

General Motors needs the money. General Motors wants the money. Congress is purple in the face trying to give GM the money.

Connect the dots.

Uh...I have a question

Uh...I have a question.
So far President Elect Obama has made numerous appointments to his new cabinet. Some of the people I have heard of, some not. They are all politicians so I am just naturally nervous. But my question is...How is Obama going to bob and weave his way around Article I, Section 6 of the United States Constitution?

A follow up question if I may.
I don't believe that congress really intended to create a 4th branch of the Government with this massive TARP bailout, worth billions and billions of dollars. I mean, hell every American knows his Constitution...right? We wouldn't stand for that. Would we? But with almost every news outlet from CNN to FOX to ABC and more alphabets, there appears to be some hand ringing over the fact that over half of the money has been given out, but nobody knows where it went.
So how come the entire legislative branch of the government isn't being charged with dereliction of duty for allowing that to happen in violation of Article I, Section 9 of the United States Constitution?

For more thoughts on the bail out and the car makers, see my previous post